May 19, 2024

Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke Reveals the Sentimental Story of Her First Encounter with Kit Harington

In the realm of television, there are few shows that have left as indelible a mark on the cultural landscape as Game of Thrones. The epic fantasy series, based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers around the world. At the heart of this sprawling tale of power, betrayal, and honor were two iconic characters – Daenerys Targaryen, portrayed by Emilia Clarke, and Jon Snow, brought to life by Kit Harington. But what many fans may not know is the heartwarming story behind the first encounter of these two beloved actors, a moment that would eventually lead to a remarkable on-screen chemistry and an enduring friendship. In this article, we delve into the sentimental tale of Emilia Clarke’s first meeting with Kit Harington.

The Audition That Changed It All

It all began in a nondescript audition room where the fate of Game of Thrones was about to be sealed. Emilia Clarke, a young and aspiring actress, was stepping into the world of Westeros for the very first time. The role of Daenerys Targaryen, a character destined for greatness, was up for grabs, and Clarke was determined to make her mark.

“I remember walking into the room and seeing Kit,” Clarke recalled in a candid interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “And he was just so full of life. He was so excited to be there, and it was so infectious. I knew right away that I wanted to work with him.”

The audition room, often a place filled with tension and nerves, was transformed by Kit Harington’s energy and enthusiasm. His passion for the project was palpable, and it had an immediate impact on Clarke.

In that pivotal moment, as Clarke stood before the casting panel, she had no way of knowing that her life was about to change forever. Little did she realize that the person she saw across the room, Kit Harington, would become an integral part of her journey, both on and off the screen.

Kit Harington’s First Impression of Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke wasn’t the only one who was captivated by the magnetic energy in that audition room. Kit Harington, too, was drawn to Clarke’s presence and charm.

“Emilia was just so funny,” Harington recalled. “She had this great sense of humor, and she was really smart. I knew that we were going to have a lot of fun working together.”

It was a mutual admiration that would set the tone for their future collaboration. In the world of acting, chemistry between co-stars is often elusive, but in this case, it was undeniably present from the very beginning.

As Clarke and Harington interacted during that initial audition, it became clear that their dynamic was special. Their personalities complemented each other, and their shared sense of humor created a unique connection that would prove essential for their on-screen characters.

From Strangers to Friends: A Deep Connection

While the audition was the official introduction between Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, it was only the beginning of their journey together. In the following months, as they embarked on the arduous production of Game of Thrones, their bond would deepen, evolving from mere colleagues to close friends.

“I walked in, and Kit was sitting there, and he was just so full of life,” Clarke reminisced. “He was so excited to be there, and it was so infectious. I knew right away that I wanted to work with him. He was so kind and giving, and he made me feel really comfortable. We just started talking, and we talked for hours. We talked about everything, from our families to our hopes and dreams. It was like I had known him forever.”

The transition from strangers to friends was a natural one for Clarke and Harington. Their genuine connection off-screen translated seamlessly into the on-screen chemistry between Daenerys and Jon Snow. As viewers watched their characters’ relationship evolve from initial skepticism to deep trust and love, it was impossible not to feel the authenticity of their connection.

The Magic of Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was more than just a television show; it was a cultural phenomenon that captivated audiences worldwide. The epic tale of warring noble families, dragons, and the quest for the Iron Throne was a story of grand proportions. But at its heart, it was a story of human connections, complex characters, and the enduring power of friendship.

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington’s friendship behind the scenes was an integral part of the show’s magic. Their ability to convey the depth of their characters’ bond and the complexities of their emotions resonated with viewers on a profound level. As Daenerys and Jon Snow navigated the treacherous world of Westeros, their relationship became a symbol of hope and unity.

The show’s immense popularity and critical acclaim were a testament to the talents of the entire cast and crew, including Clarke and Harington. But it was their ability to bring authenticity to their characters that made their portrayals unforgettable.

The Impact of Daenerys and Jon Snow

As Game of Thrones continued to captivate audiences over its eight-season run, the characters of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow became cultural icons. Their journeys from humble beginnings to positions of immense power and responsibility were the stuff of legend. But it was the depth of their emotions, their struggles, and their love for each other that made them truly unforgettable.

Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington’s performances as Daenerys and Jon Snow garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards. Their characters’ journeys were fraught with challenges and heartache, and their portrayals captured the complexities of leadership, sacrifice, and love.

The Legacy of Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington

As Game of Thrones reached its epic conclusion in 2019, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington bid farewell to the roles that had defined a significant part of their careers. The show’s conclusion marked the end of an era, but it also marked the beginning of new adventures for both actors.

Since the conclusion of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke has continued to showcase her talent in various film projects, including “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and “Last Christmas.” She has also ventured into philanthropy and advocacy, using her platform to raise awareness about brain injuries and disabilities.

Kit Harington, too, has embraced new opportunities, including a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in “Eternals.” His talent and versatility as an actor have earned him accolades beyond the walls of Westeros.

A Friendship That Endures

While Game of Thrones may have concluded, the friendship between Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington remains as strong as ever. Their bond, forged in the fires of auditions and nurtured on the set of the show, continues to be a source of support and camaraderie in their lives.

Clarke and Harington have been open about their deep friendship, often sharing heartwarming anecdotes and memories from their time on Game of Thrones. Their connection transcends the world of television, serving as a reminder of the lasting impact that shared experiences can have on our lives.


In the world of Hollywood, where stars often shine brightly but briefly, Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington stand as luminous examples of talent, dedication, and genuine friendship. Their first encounter, in that audition room for Game of Thrones, was a serendipitous moment that would change the course of their lives and bring joy to millions of fans around the world.

Their portrayals of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow will forever be etched in the annals of television history, and their friendship remains an enduring testament to the power of connection and shared dreams.

As we reflect on the sentimental story of Emilia Clarke’s first encounter with Kit Harington, we are reminded of the magic of storytelling and the profound impact that genuine human connections can have on our lives. Game of Thrones may have ended, but the legacy of Daenerys and Jon Snow lives on, a symbol of hope, love, and the enduring power of friendship.

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